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Steak Fajitas Recipe!!!



I love those recipes that we all grew up with, they are just too good to miss out on.Steak Fajitas Recipe – Steak fajitas make a quick and easy meal perfect for weeknight suppers or weekend celebrations! Made with beef, peppers, onions and served with a stack of warm tortillas and condiments. They are always a favorite!

Have you felt a little busier, a little more rushed and even a little too hot to spend a long time in the kitchen every evening making supper? Well, me too! Since Sam’s started back to school, I’ve been finishing up some things for my cookbook, and Bart’s been busy at work…so we’ve been burning candles at both ends!

So I just knew this Steak Fajita Recipe would be just the dish for time-crunched suppers! It is easy and delicious and is a life-saver on rushed nights like we all have from time to time! My Chicken Fajitas are another family favorite meal for times like this. Both are just as perfect on the weekends to serve family and friends for a casual meal everyone enjoys.To Make this Recipe You’ Will Need the following ingredients:




Skirt steak; sliced thin and against the grain
Peppers; sliced thin
Onions; sliced thin
Taco seasoning; either homemade or store purchased
Worchestire sauce



Slice your skirt steak thin and against the grain.
Slice the peppers and onions; also thin.
In a heavy pan, heat 2 TBS. oil and add the skirt steak, stirring occasionally until almost cooked through.
Remove the meat from the pan.
Add 1 TBS. of oil along with 1 TBS. of butter to the pan.
Add the peppers and onions to the pan.
Allow the peppers and onions to cook slowly.
Once the peppers and onions are cooked, add the skirt steak back to the pan.
Sprinkle the taco seasoning and a few shakes of Worchestire sauce on to the peppers, onions and steak.
Cook for another few minutes until everything has combined.
Serve over rice or wrapped in flour tortillas, top with fresh salsa and sour cream.
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